Interview with Sandra Spicer

Interview with Sandra Spicer

Hola! we have a fantastic guest with us today—a true makeup aficionada who not only has a passion for all things beauty but also serves women in teaching cream makeup application with the Seint Brand for beginners. @Sandyspicemua
Known for her skillful techniques and dedication to sharing the art of makeup, she brings a wealth of knowledge to our discussion. Interestingly, when asked about the time needed for a makeup session, her response is  "Is 10 minutes enough time? Darling, it's going to be less!" Get ready for an insightful and, undoubtedly, time-efficient journey into the world of makeup with our wonderful guest!
Kantua, artisan jewelry brand, interviews Sandra Spice shares makeup tutorials using Seint Brand,


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Beauty and Education Balance:

Q: As someone who recently completed their degree in education and is passionate about makeup, how do you find the balance between your academic pursuits and your love for beauty?

A: Balancing my academic pursuits with my love for beauty has been a journey of self-discovery. I've always struggled with maintaining focus for extended periods, so discovering the Pomodoro Technique has been a game-changer. As someone who experiences emotions deeply, this technique allows me to study effectively in short, focused bursts.

During a period of ups and downs in my life, I found solace in makeup. The concept of mature women using makeup resonated with me, and I decided to start a business while on the brink of graduation, marking my third degree and second bachelor's. Each step matters to me. Saint Makeup became more than just a beauty tool; it became a source of relaxation in the midst of my anxiety. Incorporating makeup routines into my study breaks, I explored different techniques, created reels, and found a calm, focused state to continue my studies. Prioritizing my well-being through makeup became a way to enhance my studies and professionalism simultaneously.

Everyday Makeup Tips:

Q: Your expertise in makeup, especially using the Seint Makeup Brand, is well-known on Instagram. Can you share a few quick and easy makeup tips for everyday women who might not have a lot of time for an extensive beauty routine?

A: What I appreciate about Seint is its affordability and convenience. Despite its perceived luxury, it's quite budget-friendly. Here's a straightforward tip: utilize their customizable palettes, which are magnetized for easy use. You can create your own color combinations, making it tailored to your preferences. The makeup kit offers three foundation colors, acknowledging the varied tones on our faces. Begin with the darkest shade sparingly, then apply your contour, followed by the lightest shade as a concealer under your eyes and on your nose. The lipstick also serves as a blush – simply apply and blend. It's a quick, uncomplicated routine, and voila! That took less than 5 minutes!

Kantua, artisan jewelry brand, interviews Sandra Spice shares makeup tutorials using Seint Brand,

Empowering Women Through Makeup:

Q: Makeup has the power to boost confidence. How do you believe makeup, particularly your approach with Saint Makeup, can empower women?

A: Addressing this question is challenging, but it's a discussion we should engage in more. I wholeheartedly agree that the freedom to choose whether to wear makeup is essential. In my case, and perhaps for many others, we all have aspects we may want to address, like wrinkles or under-eye circles. When someone comments on our appearance, it impacts us. However, the key lies in building our self-esteem. If we don't work on accepting how we look and the natural aging of our skin, it becomes challenging to conceal that. Makeup should be a tool to enhance what we already possess.

It's about affirming, "You're already beautiful and smart. No matter what, you're going to shine today." I recognize this is an ongoing process. I've had moments where I compare myself, but it's a journey in progress. Despite not having a massive following, every individual is uniquely beautiful.

Parenting and Beauty:

Q: Being a divorced mother of a teenager is undoubtedly a demanding role. How do you incorporate beauty routines into your busy schedule, and do you have any advice for other divorced mothers who may struggle to find time for self-care?

A: Navigating life as a divorced mother of a teenager is undeniably challenging. How do you manage to integrate beauty routines into your hectic schedule, and what advice would you offer to other divorced mothers struggling to find time for self-care?

Certainly, it's a tough journey. I consider myself fortunate to have the support of my parents. If you have family backing you, it's a significant help. I've never left my child with anyone; even when I was a teacher, he used to come to school with me. However, as he's growing, it's a delicate balance between protecting, teaching, and nurturing while allowing him to make his decisions. I remember the early days of divorce, juggling studies and caring for a little one. It's not easy. Today, he understands better, but it's still challenging to carve out time for myself. There are moments when I need to set boundaries, like when I decide to do a live session. Divorce is a complex journey, and if someone had a smooth experience, I genuinely admire them. It's crucial for us to share our real stories beyond the glossy Instagram posts.

Reflecting on my teenage years, I was quite shy, but interestingly, I was the first to embrace wearing lipstick. Engaging in activities like ballet and synchronized swimming introduced me to makeup. Now, it's not just a routine; it's a part of who I am, and I embrace it wholeheartedly.

Career Transitions:

Q: Could you share a bit about your journey with makeup and how your background in education influences your approach to makeup, especially when providing tips and tutorials?

A: Certainly, it's understandable. To be honest, there's nothing extraordinary about it. As women, especially when we're on the go, we naturally adjust and adapt to our circumstances. When time is tight, we tend to streamline our routines. It's about seamlessly fitting into our regular activities without disrupting our flow. Makeup, in this context, is a tool to effortlessly enhance how we look and feel.

Before coming live, I thought, "Let me add a touch of makeup." Just a bit, not to complicate things. Lately, I've been struggling with sleep, and you might notice some dark circles. A quick makeup fix can do wonders. I believe your journey, navigating through various experiences, is a valuable resource. You've amassed this knowledge, and now you're sharing it. What's crucial is incorporating makeup into your routine, making it a part of self-care without it feeling like an additional burden.

Q: You've been volunteering at the Peruvian Civic Center. Can you share more about that experience?

A: Connecting with the Civic Center was a unique experience for me. It marked my first collaboration with Peruvians, and I hadn't encountered that before. I met Stefano during a protest, and he informed me about the organization's work with a Peruvian committee. It's been a fantastic journey. The team is incredible—well-organized, articulate, and professional. I love working with people like them because I'm always eager to learn. If they excel, I seize the opportunity to learn from them, and that's precisely what I've been doing. I've learned a lot from them, as well as from you.

Q: Thank you so much for this interview. Is there anything else you'd like to highlight or share?

A: Firstly, a big shout-out to Kantua. She's doing an amazing job—thank you, Kantua. I picked up my jewelry from her yesterday. If you're interested, let's get a color match together! There's a personalized process where I assist you in finding the right makeup for your needs using Seint Makeup brand. 

Kantua, artisan jewelry brand, interviews Sandra Spice shares makeup tutorials using Seint Brand,


Connect with Sandra: 

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