A Collaboration with Marivi.Pe

A Collaboration with Marivi.Pe

We are delighted to unveil an exclusive collaboration with Marivi.Pe, a steamed Peruvian brand. Known for their commitment to sustainable materials and designs inspired by the inner search for self-love, Marivi.Pe brings forth a stunning A-line wrapped linen dress that effortlessly embodies both grace and eco-consciousness.

Marivi.Pe's ethos of sustainability takes center stage in their Gorgeous A-line wrapped linen dress. The dress is a testament to the brand's dedication to utilizing environmentally friendly materials and processes. With its naturally dyed linen fabric, elegant tie at the waist, long sleeves, and a V-neck, this dress stands out as a unique and timeless piece that resonates with the modern woman.

Red linen wrap dress by designer Marivi at Kantuas Jewelry line

Marivi.Pe's linen classic dress finds its perfect complement in our upcoming heart collection, "Con Amor." This collection features a 3D HandKnit Punto Peruano design, adding a touch of artisanal craftsmanship to the blend of sustainable fashion. The result is a union of elegance and heartwarming charm that captures the essence of both brands.

Red linen wrap dress by designer Marivi contribution with Kantuas jewelry line
Both Marivi.Pe and Kantua are rooted in the celebration of women and their inner journey towards self-love. The linen dress becomes a canvas for personal expression, while the heart-themed jewelry resonates with the idea of embracing oneself with love and compassion.

As brands, our collaboration is not just about creating beautiful products; it's about fostering a shared commitment to sustainability. From Marivi.Pe's linen dress to our handcrafted jewelry, every element has been thoughtfully chosen to minimize environmental impact and contribute to a more conscious and compassionate fashion industry.

In this collaborative venture, Marivi.Pe and our brand invite you to embrace sustainable elegance, where the beauty of conscious fashion meets the artistry of handmade jewelry. Our Gorgeous A-line wrapped linen dress paired with the "Con Amor" Heart Collection is a celebration of craftsmanship, sustainability, and the timeless allure of women on a journey towards self-love. Discover the harmony of style and consciousness with Marivi.Pe and our heart-inspired jewelry – a testament to the power of collaboration in the world of fashion that cares.

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