Jewelry Care Instructions


How to care for wire jewelry:

  • Wipe away dirt, sweat and chemicals with a polishing cloth (included in your purchase) to maintain its shine. 
  • After a couple of wear it is suggested to use lukewarm water with mild soap and submerge your jewelry, then dry gently with a soft cloth and store away
  • If your jewelry has pearls it is best to store inside a pouch away from the sun. 



Our jewelry line mainly offers pieces that contain 95% pure silver. Follow these guidelines to avoid tarnishes in your jewelry.

How to care for Sterling Silver jewelry: 

  • After every use wipe away dirt and chemicals that it has been exposed to with our polishing cloth.
  • Every so often it is suggested to wash your jewelry with mild soap and lukewarm water. If you have knit jewelry you may use a soft brush to clean as well. Then dry and store away in its pouch. 


Additional tips: 

  • Avoid chemicals when wearing jewelry such as going swimming, or cleaning with harsh chemicals
  • Remove your jewelry before going to bed to avoid tangling 
  • Clean according to instructions above