We source our fine silver from trusted suppliers dedicated to ethical sourcing. Here’s what this means for our brand and our valued customers:

Recycled Fine Silver:

  • Knit Fine Silver:  Our fine knit jewelry pieces are crafted using 100% recycled precious metals, sourced from domestic U.S. customers. This recycled metal predominantly comes from unwanted jewelry, jewelry processing scrap, and dental scrap. By reclaiming these materials, we ensure that our creations are not only beautiful but also environmentally responsible. 
  • Certification: To ensure the integrity of  commitment to sustainability, our supplier undergoes annual audits by SCS Global Services, a globally recognized independent third-party certifier and sustainability expert. These audits verify and confirm that Harmony recycled precious metal products are indeed manufactured using 100% recycled precious metals. This certification from SCS Global Services reassures our customers that our jewelry is not only beautiful but also responsibly sourced and eco-friendly. View here

In order to complete the pieces we use finding for another ethical supplier: 

  • Ethical Sourcing: Rio Grande adheres to the stringent standards set by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). This ensures that all silver we use is sourced from refiners who are in good legal standing and who certify and independently audit that all supplies are traceable and conflict-free.
  • Quality Assurance: The LBMA sets rigorous good delivery standards for gold and silver bullion, ensuring that every bar meets the highest specifications in terms of weight, purity, and physical appearance.

Learn more about Rio Grande’s values: click here

At the heart of our brand is a dedication to creating beautiful, high-quality jewelry that you can wear with pride, knowing that it has been sourced and crafted with the utmost respect for ethical practices. 

woman holding crochet and gold filled wire


At Kántuas, we believe that sustainable practices should extend beyond our products to every aspect of our business, including our packaging. That’s why we’ve partnered with Westpack, a company dedicated to eco-friendly solutions that align with our values of responsibility and environmental care.

  • Superior Protection for Your Jewelry: Westpack products are meticulously designed to ensure your jewelry remains as stunning as the day you first wear it. Their packaging is free from tarnish-accelerating chemicals, and each piece is rigorously tested to guarantee that your jewelry stays bright, shiny, and tarnish-free for longer. This commitment to quality means you can trust that your Kántuas pieces will be protected and preserved.
  • Commitment to Sustainability: Westpack’s ECO range is a testament to their dedication to sustainability. This umbrella term encompasses all products made from recycled plastic and FSC®-certified raw materials. The FSC mark is a guarantee that all materials used come from responsibly managed forests. These forests are harvested sustainably, ensuring no more wood is cut down than the forest can reproduce. This practice safeguards animal and plant life, providing a habitat where biodiversity can thrive.
  • Ethical and Responsible Practices: Moreover, the FSC certification ensures that all foresters working in these forests receive proper training, safety equipment, and a fair wage. This ethical approach means that from the forest to the final product, every step is taken with care and respect for both people and the planet.

By choosing Kántuas, you’re not only investing in beautiful, handcrafted jewelry but also supporting sustainable and ethical practices. Together, we can make a positive impact on the environment while celebrating the timeless elegance of fine silver craftsmanship.