Embracing Empowerment: A Captivating Collaboration with LanaLlama

Embracing Empowerment: A Captivating Collaboration with LanaLlama

I'm beyond excited to share with you the incredible collaboration that recently took place between Kantua, my beloved artisan jewelry line featuring the exquisite Punto Peruano wire technique and Peruvian gemstones with the eco-friendly handmade women's accessories brand, LanaLlama.
It's been an inspiring journey that celebrates Peruvian artisan culture while empowering women in the most beautiful way.

Let me take you behind the scenes of this remarkable partnership!

Kantua and LanaLlama Collaboration featuring Peruvian Artisan Culture

Featured: LanaLlama's handbags collection and Kantua's rings and Anden Turquoise necklace

The Meeting of Minds:

When I first crossed paths with Caty, the passionate owner of LanaLlama, it was like finding a kindred spirit. We both shared a deep commitment to artisan craftsmanship and sustainable practices, and we immediately knew that collaborating would result in something truly magical. This is the magic of Instagram because we connected via social media before meeting in person. 

I spoke with Caty about Kantua's projects for the summer and Caty graciously offered her Long Island showroom. This is when the idea of collaboration was born. LanaLlama has the perfect setting fort this exciting venture, creating an environment that radiated inspiration and creativity.

Kantua and LanaLlama Collaboration- Artisan and Eco friendly Women's jewelry and accessories.

Featured is fish leather purse, hand embroidered belt from LanaLlama Collections and Peruvian pink oval ring as well as Peruvian Amazonite bracelet soon to be stocked in our shop. 


The Ethereal Photoshoot:

To capture the essence of our collaboration, we arranged a breathtaking photoshoot at a local beach in Long Island. The sun-kissed sand and the crashing waves provided an idyllic backdrop that perfectly complemented the intricate artistry of Kantua's jewelry and LanaLlama's eco-friendly accessories. It was a true fusion of nature's beauty and the craftsmanship we hold dear.

Kantua and LanaLlama Collaboration- Artisan Jewelry and Accesories

Geo, our model is wearing hand embroider jacket and weaving purse from LanaLlama as well as  Kantua's Warmi earrings and knit chocker


A Stellar Team:

Our collaboration wouldn't have been complete without the incredible talents that joined us. The makeup artist Sandra worked her magic, skillfully enhancing the natural beauty of our model and adding an extra touch of enchantment to our creations. Georgina, our stunning model, exuded confidence and grace, embodying the empowerment that lies at the heart of our collaboration. And let's not forget the wonderful Peruvian influencer, Judy, whose authentic voice and cultural perspective brought an extra layer of richness to the project.



Kantua and LanaLlama Collaboration featuring Artisan Jewelry and accessories

 This is Judy, Peruvian influencer in New York. Follow her here
she is wearing LanaLlama collection of fish leather and embroider jackets as well as white onyx earrings from Kantua's Rumi collection

Empowerment through Artisan Culture:

At the core of our collaboration was a shared vision to empower women through the beauty of artisan culture. Together, Kantua and LanaLlama showcased not only our exceptional creations but also our unwavering support for each other. This collaboration was a celebration of the strength, resilience, and boundless creativity that women possess, transcending borders and nurturing a global sisterhood.

Kantua and LanaLlama Artisan Jewelry and Accessories

 Meet Sandra, follow her on Instagram here for quick 10 minute makeup tutorials!
Georgina is our beautiful model, she is from Mexico and is currently studying dance, you can follow her journey here!

The Legacy of Collaboration

Our collaboration extends far beyond the confines of our photoshoot. It's a testament to the power of collaboration itself and serves as an inspiration for others to embrace diverse artisan cultures and celebrate the incredible talents within them. Each piece of jewelry and accessory holds a story of generations passing down their skills, a commitment to sustainability, and a shared desire to empower and uplift.

Kantua and Lanallama collaboration featuring peruvian artisan women's jewelry and accessories

Featured in the picture is hand-made belt accessory from LanaLlama and Tubular bracelet from Kantua

I couldn't be prouder of the collaboration between Kantua and LanaLlama. It's a shining example of the remarkable things that happen when creative minds come together and support one another. Through this partnership, we have shown that by honoring our shared values, we can amplify our voices, uplift communities, and create a lasting impact on the world.

Let's continue to embrace the beauty of collaboration, supporting artisans, dreamers, and change-makers who empower through their remarkable creations. Together, we can create a world where art, sustainability, and empowerment thrive hand in hand.

Kantua and LanaLlama Collaboration featuring artisan made jewelry and accessoies

Model Georgina is wearing sustainable fish leather backpack and Kantua's rings collection 
Thank you for joining me on this incredible journey. Your support means the world to me and the talented individuals involved in this collaboration. Stay tuned for more stories of empowerment, creativity, and the indomitable spirit of artisan culture.

With love and gratitude,


Artisan at Kantua

 Kantua and LanaLlama Peruvian artisan boutiques

p.s. Caty and I were such mama bears during the shoot that we didn't get to take pictures of both of us, but follow us on Instagram to see us behind the scenes!




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