Interview with Magally Juro

Interview with Magally Juro

Welcome to an Exceptional Conversation with Magally Juro: Master and Ambassador of Punto Peruano

We are delighted to have Magally Juro with us today, a prominent figure in the art of Peruvian knitted jewelry. She is an international teacher of Knitted Jewelry in Punto Peruano and designer of knitted jewelry. With a career spanning over 15 years, Magaly has not only established herself as a reference in the United States but also as a tireless ambassador for this technique.

Magally doesn't just weave threads and metals; she creates bridges between cultures and communities. Her passion for “Punto Peruano” is reflected not only in the magnificent pieces she crafts but also in how she empowers women, providing them a platform to discover their voice through jewelry.

Throughout this interview, we explore Magally's unique story, her connection to the Peruvian Point technique, and how this form of art goes beyond being just a craft, becoming a means to preserve Peru's rich cultural heritage.

Magally Juro travels to different parts of Latin America and has been to the United States as well, in different states, teaching this Peruvian knitting wire technique. I'm excited to have the opportunity to talk to you and have you explain more about this technique. I've had people not know what “Punto Peruano” is. There are many Peruvians here in New York, where I am, and they say, 'I've never heard of that, what is it? Explain it to me.' All very excited after reconnecting with our culture.

Could you share about your journey with “Punto Peruano” wire technique and how you started teaching it to others?

Well, it's a pleasure to be here at Kantua and share my journey. My connection with knitted Peruvian jewelry began 15 years ago when I discovered this technique created by the master Juan Pacheco, a notable Peruvian sculptor. Knitted jewelry has been around for 31 years; I arrived 15 years ago to this specific technique. Initially, I had no intention of teaching, only of undertaking and selling. However, by posting a video on YouTube explaining the technique, I received a growing demand to teach. This led me to develop a comprehensive audiovisual program and be invited to different countries to share this wonderful technique. Now I teach via online and in person. 

Briefly, tell us what the Peruvian Punto is.

The “Punto Peruano” is an art where we transform a ductile metal thread, such as gold or Peruvian silver, into a beautiful piece of jewelry using only a crochet hook. It's a magical process where each piece is created with a thin crochet hook acting as a gauge, allowing us to work with various materials and design a wide range of models. It was developed by the Peruvian sculptor Juan Pacheco.

Kantua-handmade jewelry for women interviews Magally Juro about Punto Peruano

Empowering women is a central theme in your work. How did you realize the potential of this technique to uplift women in Latin America and in the United States?

This technique is not only a means to undertake but also a therapy and a community. Many women, even those not seeking a business, find in knitted jewelry a space for therapy and community. The process of teaching and seeing women find their voice and self-esteem through this technique is what inspires me. It's not just about creating jewelry but building confidence and empowerment."

Could you tell us about a particularly inspiring moment or story where you have witnessed the transformative power of teaching the "Punto Peruano" technique?

Absolutely, and this is a memory that highlights the transformative essence of knitted Peruvian jewelry. The jewelry we create is not just an accessory but a unique expression. I remember a significant experience during an exhibition in Boston last year. I set up my table with the care of an artist, ensuring that each piece showcased the handmade touch. In front of Harvard University, people would stop, amazed by the technique and beauty of the jewelry. In English, I introduced myself as a jewelry designer, and people were fascinated to see me weaving. That day, I not only sold jewelry but also shared the process and story behind each piece.

Two days earlier, I had been invited by an the Latina Center NGO and spoken at a conference at Boston College about the impact of entrepreneurship in knitted jewelry in Latin America. All of this is intentional, and it's crucial for the students to see the entrepreneurial side of knitted jewelry. In these experiences, both at selling in front of Harvard and speaking at Boston College, it was reflected how knitted jewelry is not only valued in economic terms but also appreciated as a unique form of artistic expression and entrepreneurship in the United States.

What advice would you give to aspiring artisans looking to embrace both traditional techniques and adapt them to contemporary markets?

Well, the main advice would be not to be afraid to blend the old with the new. Traditional techniques have a unique beauty, and adapting them to contemporary markets can result in truly unique creations. The Knitted Jewelry in Punto Peruano is an art form that is 100% handmade and is a cultural expression not just to wear but also to learn from.  Find your unique voice, maintain the authenticity of traditional techniques.

Kantua-handmade jewelry for women interviews Magally Juro about Punto Peruano

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